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Kia EV Learning Sessions

Kia Canada wants to encourage drivers to choose electric vehicles by explaining the real benefits they offer and the different options that optimize driving. However, many drivers are new to electric vehicles (EVs) and this newness can be confusing, especially when coupled with unfamiliar acronyms and incomprehensible statistics.

So welcome to the world of electric vehicles from Kia. You've just found a reliable source of EV information.

Kia EV Learning Sessions

Episode 1: Batteries and Range

Kia EV Learning Sessions

Episode 2: Charging

Kia EV Learning Sessions

Episode 3: Maintenance and Cost of Ownership

EV Charging

There are basically three different options for charging your EV or PHEV:

  • Level 1, which uses a regular 110 Volt household outlet;
  • Level 2, which uses a 240 Volt outlet, which you can have installed at home or find in public locations; and
  • Level 3, which can be found in key public charging stations across Canada.

The main difference is the speed at which each level charges the battery. Here are the details:

charger 01

Level 1
Level 1 charging adds about 5 -- 9 km of driving range per hour of charging time. Plug-in electric vehicle batteries can be fully charged using Level 1 chargers, which are compatible with any standard 120V outlet. This is the most common method for at-home charging.

charger 02

Level 2
Level 2 charging adds about 25 -- 40 km of range per hour of charging time. This level is ideal for drivers who travel more than 80 km/day and need to replenish their range overnight. A 240V (Level 2) outlet (like a stove or dryer outlet) can be installed in a garage or outdoors and enables faster charge times.

charger 03

Level 3
Also known as DC fast charging, Level 3 charging can add 300+ km of range in about 1 hr of charging time. For drivers going long distances, Level 3 chargers can be used to charge vehicles quicker. Level 3 chargers are usually found in higher traffic public areas and use a 400V system.

Kia Electric Education

Introducing the Kia Electric Education Series, hosted by our very own Nathan Peters. In a 6-episode series, we'll answer your pressing questions - from charging concerns and range anxiety to cost considerations and so much more! With the help of some mystery social celebs, we want to show you how easy it can be to leap into the future with your very own EV. 

Episode 1
Going Green With a Family Ft. Danielle Graham in the Kia Sorento PHEV.

Episode 2
The Numbers of Going Green Ft. Danielle Graham in the Kia Sorento PHEV.

Episode 3
Making sense of the green acronyms Ft. The Danocracy in the Kia Sportage HEV.

Episode 4
Going green in the city Ft. TheDanocracy in the Kia Sportage HEV.

Episode 5
Answering the most pressing EV questions, Ft. Chris Hau in the Kia EV6.

Episode 6
Living with an Electric Vehicle in Ontario, Ft. Chris Hau in the Kia EV6.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you drive an electric vehicle, you not only save on gas, you give back to the planet with every kilometre. EVs reduce exhaust emissions that can lead to harmful air pollution, and offer benefits that can save Canadians money over time.

Kia's EVs provide a solution for consumers who want to engage in green consumerism, while also acheiving the safety and reliability they require to go about their lives with confidence. Once you have reviewed Kia's Green Cars website, we recommend you visit your nearest Kia Dealer to see the cars up close and ask any additional questions.

Many EVs can travel more than 350km on a single charge. Since 68% of Canadian car owners drive less than 50km on an average day,* a Kia EV will address the majority of day-to-day needs. For the odd time when a longer range is needed, plug-in stations are available across Canada. Or for ongoing long range needs, HEV or PHEV options provide the benefits of EVs, with the back-up of gasoline engines.

Surprisingly, charging is completed at home 71% of the time.** However, the number of public charging stations is growing steadily across Canada. ChargeHub says there are more than 14,000 public charging ports available across Canada, which is a 50% increase over last year.

The time required to charge an EV depends on how you are charging it. At a fast charging station, it can take as little as 60 minutes to charge an average EV battery up to 80%. Home charging with a Level 1 or 2 charger usually allows you to completely charge your battery overnight.

Every vehicle purchase comes with its own financial commitment. The switch from a gasoline-powered vehicle to an EV offers many benefits that can help Canadians save money throughout the year. Calculate your potential savings here.  In addition, the Canadian government and some provinces offer sales incentives of up to $5,000, and all Kia electric vehicles qualify for these incentives. Learn more here:

Government of Canada's EV website

Quebec Government's EV website

Basicaly, these are the three common types of Electric Vehicles. Kia offers all of these types and you can learn more here.

* HEV stands for Hybrid Electric Vehicle and these models have both electric and gasoline engines. The electric engines in these models can only be charged through the normal operation of the vehicle.

* PHEV is a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle and these models also offer two engines, but owners can charge the battery by plugging into a power source.

* EV (or BEV) is an Electric Vehicle that uses an electric battery exclusively in the operation of the vehicle. These models are charged by plugging into a power outlet.

EVs are safe to drive and can perform in all four seasons.

Kia's industry-leading heat pump techology maximizes the distance that Kia EVs can travel on a single charge by recycling waste heat to warm the vehicle cabin. This system improves overall energy efficiency and battery life and offers a more consistent range in cold temperatures, where other EV models start to see a significant decline.

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